This page was started when a I found out that I was pregnant in 2001.

I hope that you all find what you are looking for.

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I have several topics and I'm in the middle of adding more.

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Cord Partners, Inc.
Customer Focused. Education Driven. AABB accredited cord blood storage Description Cord Partners stores your baby's cord blood in its internationally known, AABB accredited cord blood banking facility, in operation since 1954. There exists only one chance in a lifetime to collect and preserve your baby's umbilical cord blood (also called cord or placental blood). This irreplaceable source of stem cells will help preserve the cleanest, most natural form of cellular health for the rest of your child's life. If not collected at birth and preserved, this unique opportunity will be lost.

Here is a little something about me

Im Tammy mom to 3 kids DJ who is 12 y/o
NyKolis who is 10 and there is
Tameryn who is 11 months

Im planning my wedding which is set for May 10th 2003
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Here are some pictures I hope that you will enjoy

Here is her face at 35 weeks gestation

Here is Tameryn in her daddy's arms in the hospital

Here is Tameryn at 3 months old

Here is Tameryn at 9 months old